Pictures of how our Landscape is progressing from start to finish.



We have a new glider for Lynn's retreat.  Here is a picture of the front house landscape.  The landscape is complete except for a few plants that could not be found during the winter and ones that need to be replaced because they didn't survive.  The replacements should be planted next month.  03-01-03
The decking around the spa is in place and it looks great (front, side).  Here is a picture of the dg pathway going to the back yard.  Brandy is inspecting his new landscape.  11-24-02
More plants have been delivered, the job is nearing completion.  Here are two views of the backyard from our bedroom window (left, right).  Ground level views from our patio of the left and right side of the backyard and front left/front right views. 11-15-02
The decking around the spa has been started.  Also Brandy's new SOD has been delivered and is being installed.  He is so happy, he went outside seven times last night to check and make sure it was still there.  Here is a picture of one of our lights in the daytime. 11-14-02
The lights have been installed.  We have night pictures (Creek bed, Backyard right side & Backyard left side) 11-13-02
The creek bed in the front is done and it looks wonderful (far, close).  The flagstone path to Lynn's retreat in the back has been put in place.  Our spa now has water 11-07-02.
Spa delivery day.....finally.  Here are some pictures of the men delivering our Spa with the assistance of our landscaping crew (1, 2, 3, 4).  The plastic cover is finally removed to reveal our new spa! (1, 2).  The crew is in deep thought deciding what to do next.  Our spa in place in its final home.  11-06-02
Our landscaper has extra help moving the large boulders for the dry creek bed in the front (1, 2, 3).  A path has been left for delivery of the spa.  More plants have been planted in the right rear part of the yard. 11-05-02
The planting of the plants has started.  Some have been placed around the yard waiting for our approval to plant (1, 2).  Others have been planted, such as the left front yard.  Here are some of our landscapers in the process of planting. 11-01-02
Someone threw rocks at our house, pretty large rocks.  We also have piles of smaller rocks.  Plants have started arriving (1, 2) 10-30-02
The pavers are done (front of house, front door walkway, rear patio). 10-23-02
The pavers in the back are in place now.  The paving band across the driveway is in progress. 10-22-02
The paving installation is almost complete in the back.  Preparation for the DG pathway in the back is in progress.  10-21-02
The paving people have started to prepare in the front & back.  Also the paving stones themselves have arrived. 10-18-02
The dg pathway bender board is completed (What do you think of our California snow?).  The spa pit is ready and waiting for the spa.  The paving company has demolished our front porch.  They have also cut the driveway in preparation for the band of pavers going across it.  10-17-02
We now have hose bibs (one in front and on in the rear) and they have started to install the bender board for the dg pathwayWires have been run for the low voltage lights.  The spa pit is almost ready for the spa (far away, close up) 10-16-02
Concrete day.   Spa pit now has fresh concrete.  Our garage pad also has been poured ( Far , Near )
Spa pit block wall is almost finished.  Also they have added a french drain and re-bar in preparation for the concrete.
Spa pit block wall is higher.  A picture showing the chaos in our yard.  We have a sea of manure.
They have started the block wall around the spa.
We have the concrete pad next to the garage almost ready for concrete.   Sprinkler central.
They have dug the sides deeper for the block wall around the spa.  (One , Two )
More work on the spa pit.  Far away , Close Up
Our curb has been cored!  We also have sprinker controls (we now have four where there was only one).  Spa pit has is now deeper.   Curb Core (Right side of house , Left side of house ), Sprinkler controls ,  
Left side of house now has drains .  Spa pit is bigger .  
The pit for the spa has been started and drains are now being installed.
  Spa Pit , Drains on right side of house ( Front , Rear ).
We have trenches.  They have started digging through the hard soil.  Rear yard trench , rear yard from master bedroom window , front yard with workers , and our landscaper's sign .
They have started landscaping, it is just painted lines now, but you get a general idea where items will be located.  Master Bedroom looking down at spa , Looking out sliding door downstairs , DG walkway on left side of house .   Brandy our dog heard we were getting a strawberry tree.  
Color selection for the paving stones to be located in the front and back .  
Final Design, click on links for Semi-final as changes were so minor.
Semi-Final design with plant details.   Drawing , plant list , construction legend
Third overall concept drawing of our new landscaping.  We like this the best.   Concept#3
Second overall concept drawing of our new landscaping.  Concept#2 6-30-02
First overall concept drawing of our new landscaping.    Concept#1 6-14-02