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Welcome to David & Lynn Frakes web page. We started this page to let friends and family know how our new house in San Marcos is progressing. Here you will find information about us and our new house in San Marcos and our friends and family. 

In case you didn't know (and who haven't we told), we purchased a 3522 sq ft home in the Cedar Hill development of San Marcos. The home was purchased in June 2001 and construction is now complete. We moved into the house on March 8th, 2002.



This area contains pictures of our friends, family and trips to various places we have visited.  We have pictures of our trip to Sedona, our photo safari at the Wild Animal park and pictures from our house party, just to give a few examples.



We have started the process of landscaping our new home. The builder included a few plants in the front, but 99% of our exterior was just dirt in the front and dirt in the back. We have interviewed landscapers and have selected one we liked the best. So far we have received two concept drawings. The first we really liked, but were told it would run it would run 2-3 times the planned budget. We eliminated some items and received new costs which still seem high, but it has most of what we want.   We have a final plan and landscape construction started 17 September 2002 and finished around mid-December.


We are now living in our new house. We want to Thank our relatives without whom our move would have been a nightmare. David's parents helped us move some of our furniture and clothing and other items into the new house. Diane (Lynn's mom) & Dale helped us paint, seal the grout, put up ceiling fans and bath fixtures. We still have a lot to do, it seems like we are at Home Depot every day. We will post pictures here of our home and how we are customizing the interior space to suit our tastes.


We have pictures of the house during its construction in this area.. New pictures were added regularly throughout the construction process.


Click above to see the floor plan and clickable links to wiring photos inside the house. Now, just click on any wall on the floor plan to see the wiring in that wall.


03-05-2002 Update - We did our walkthrough today and other than replacing a scratched window and paint touch-ups, it looks good. We also received word today that the City of San Marcos signed off on our house, so we are confirmed to close on Thursday (3/07/02).
02-27-2002 Update - We received dates today. The house we purchased in June 2001 will be ours in a little more than a week. Our walkthrough is scheduled for 03/05/02 (Tuesday) at 7am and our close of escrow is scheduled for 03/07/02 (Thursday). If all goes well, we will be able to move into our new home as early as Friday (03/08/02)!!!
We had a tentative close of escrow date of 11 March with a walkthrough date of 4 March. The City of San Marcos was holding our gas meter hostage until the builder repaved the road at the end of our street. The builder has been trying to comply and the road work is almost finished. We were supposed to close on February 19, 2002, but we are not complaining we just want in our house. It is an interesting story, so be sure to ask us about it sometime.


Our neighbors behind us in lot 36 inspired us to do this page. If you would like to see their webpage it can be found at:


David's father has created a website site to document Frakes history. If you would like to find out more, his web site is at

Email us at and let us know what you think

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